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what's the point?

But I still keep trying and hoping that a true 24/7 website or telephone helpline manned by folks who have "walked the walk" and "get it"is once again available as it has been periodically from time to time. Digress: I've never had a problem with alcohol even though I owned a bar at one time. However, if one has a drinking problem, AA is right there with sober folks to give you the support you need. Phone numbers, folks who will visit or take you with them to a meeting. Incredible support with no such thing as but "not after business hrs., weekends, or holidays" etc. Didn't work long term with OA because folks still had to eat 3 times a day. Try that with drinking and staying sober. Or with drugs. Generally, really good women I meet and know AND even have a serious food/weight issue won't talk about it. The implied guilt is everywhere despite the current info. out there. Oh, it's just a "habit", like not making your bed or something, biting your nails, swearing too much, running late all the time, not taking enough showers or maybe too many. Could go on and on. Mine is not habit. It is as hard core as any drug addict. Hits me in the gut or for the simple reason, the subtle yet irresistible place that eating food takes me. A magic place. I'm fine when distracted by a passionate or an engrossing activity is there. But they can't possibly always be there all the time. And the food ache and thirst to eat leaps right in, no matter what I've gone through, how I plan. My subconscious food terrorist. Thanks for "listening". CC

You are so strong

I'm so amazed at how strong you are. Hang in there, CC. You ask, what's the point, and yet you continue to post, so I know you haven't given up. I love you, and I know you can do it.

Thanks as always ATK

And a Happy 2020 to one and all! Guess that's why I post on "working towards", not
"maintaining recovery". For me, only for me, I see success with my BED just like the way folks manage diabetes or high blood pressure. Management. "One Day At A Time", yes. CC

I understand what your saying

I understand what your saying. It's a lot harder because we just can't quit eating, like how alcoholics can stop drinking. But I urge you to keep going, because it really is worth it to recover, even if you don't see the point

daily torture

So many plans, promises, promises. Walking despite physical issues. This eating thing, my head spins. A lifetime of seeking help and those precious brief respites of being "in the rhythm". Leptin, dopamine etc., etc. know it all. Not a sweets addict, and ALL foods addict. Obesity is this "national epidemic". Have reached out to every large legit assoc. to start a website, charge or no charge. But not in there for a profit motive. Men and women many different issues. Need sep. sites. e-mail, password and chosen personal name like this site does. But for what I and thousands have it needs thousands of folks to be truly 24/7 as food addiction has individual schedules and times of need. Middle of the night?, weekends?, holidays whatever. In the brief second of choice I must be able to "run" to my computer "log in" and another struggler, who may be in a comfortable place at that moment can hear me wanting to take back conscious, sensible, healthy control. Another woman there who also "walks the walk", and can say, "hang on with me", we can do this together". As soon as it "hits" again, keep coming back here. "No should's etc. everyone's journey is unique". CC

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