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Wins and In Progress

So this year is coming to a close and I'm happy it is. It has been a rough year. I'm very displeased with how I look now, I think I'm too big compared to how I looked earlier this year. I have desperately wanted a reduced meal plan, but my dietitian refuses. :( Which is probably for the best. I'm struggling with comparisons with myself and others on Instagram, so I'm on an Instagram detox (again). School is tough, with chemistry and just trying to be a perfectionist. Thanksgiving was tough with comparison thoughts. As well as more people being there than I expected. I just want to escape my life somehow! It's so painful to endure sometimes. But I suppose that is life.
-Tried Turkey!
-Eating Independently
-Learning to drive!
-Shopping Less

One last thing I wanted to say, what is your guys opinion on being vegan/vegetarian in recovery. Personal I found it very difficult to recover while being vegetarian, and my dietitian won't allow me to do it. I'm curious to hear everyone opinion.


Not a good idea

You would be depriving yourself of nutrients found in stuff.

Good for you

I'm proud of you for your wins. It sounds like you are able to find some good in the bad which is always a positive. As far as the vegan / vegetarian thing goes, I'm curious. Why do you want to do either of those options? I asked because I was a vegetarian for 6 years and I always I am curious when someone chooses that lifestyle or I should say eating Style :-) it was really hard for me to get protein in because I am such a picky eater. It's not impossible because I have spoken with many vegetarians who get lots of protein from many types of food and have a lot of variety in their diet. They just were foods that I don't like. My opinion is I think it really can restrict too much from your diet or meal plan as I guess we should say. I really would have an honest and open talk with your dietitian if you are truly Desiring to do either way of eating. I know that I have been in two different hospitals for eating disorders that do cater to people that are vegetarians, so it's not as if it's impossible. I have spoken to many vegetarians and vegans who have a lot of different reasons for why they are doing that lifestyle. So if you have that discussion with your dietitian and explain your reason for wanting to do it, maybe she could try to help you do it and still be able to implement the proper nutritional needs into your meal plans. Let us know how things go.

Edited your post!

Hi alwaysthinking - while it's wonderful to share in parts of your past vegetarian experience, please be careful not to give "diet tips" or advice as they are in violation of our community guidelines. Thank you for being a part of this community and please keep posting!

Thank you!

I'm glad to hear other people's opinion. I always hear how good vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are, which makes me want to go on one. However, I know since I have an ED it is not a good idea. Thank you for the feedback, it really helps. A more restrictive diet is not the one I need.


Hi, i'm actually a vegitarian

Hi, i'm actually a vegitarian for a couple of months now, i'm fairly new. But there are TONS of foods that contain protein. I won't go into detail, but I suppose it can be kinda limiting for people trying to recover. Whenever you go out or have a family meal the anxiety around food increases because you don't know if they will serve anything you like. I don't know if i'd really recommend it for someone in recovery, but it could also be a way of taking back your freedom to food? I'm not sure...

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