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New member trying to stop binging for good

Hi everyone,

It's so late here but I can't sleep and thought I'd make this post.

I'm 29 and have dealt with binge eating in total secret for ages. It's probably been a fully fledged problem since I was about 14. I'm extremely lucky that I'm somehow not really overweight (due to a high metabolism), however I'm growing more and more scared about my immediate physical health and really need to improve my quality of life.

It's one issue amongst other long-term psychological problems, as I can imagine is the case for many people here. I really can't function at all. I have made slow progress with stopping binge eating but the pull of it is so great. My mindset is almost there at times but I can rarely think clearly and I'm always so exhausted. I get what seem like actual withdrawals everytime I stop, and all the other problems just keep pulling me back into that cycle. I have a lot of weird symptoms and am so worried that I have developed a serious heart problem and/or diabetes. I am in the process of getting answers with this, but just have to stop binging!!

Thanks for reading.

Thank you for being brave

Thank you for being brave enough to post, it is hard to admit there is a problem but that is the first step. I relate to what your saying. I would advise speaking with a therapist and the best of luck to you!

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