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been while since I wrote this. What's going on in months, Good and Bad news

It had been while since I wrote this group. How was my processing, not great for me. past months, I was too focusing on my ED, too much to lose the weights, which led me to do extreme and got me passed out on Memorial Day, it was very scared, and got me woke up as realized how serious it is, but unfortunately, I chose to ignore this situation and continuing what I did. I'm not proud what I done, I know. I had been changed my calories, checked on the scales more than three times a day, daily and mostly time to avoid the foods lately in many months and still do and I had to dealing with my coping mechanism that will be avoid to eat, it wasn't fun. It was very pretty frustrating. Somehow later, I knew it is too much for me and I don't like how I feel. So, lucky, I asked to my aunt who was worked at the unit for Eating disorder groups before, she is very willing to get me help and explained to my mom about how it serious about this, need get me to doctor asap which I did went to the doctor and took the blood test(the results was good, nothing damage, that's good.) So the doctor gave me a information for a place as counseling. But I'm not sure it will be working for me? I have no ideas, I have so many questions in my mind but mostly time,I'm too scared. Right now, it was not great, I'm feeling out of control so I ended up in the bathroom, did something stupid but not a lot. It made me sad because what I ate and what I did in the bathroom. It is really hard for me, espcially this month. What worse is, Thanksgiving is coming soon, fears will appears, I'm so worrying because I don't know how to deal with this, because my ED is getting worsen than before. Like, I have no enegry, no motvation to do things I love. Only Obsessing with body image, what weight I am, lost confidence and self-esteem, etc. I shutted down because I wasn't in mood all times because of this. I just really hope I can get help soon as possible because I don't want to be continuing to living like that.

I’m glad that your aunt has

I’m glad that your aunt has helped you, and I hope that you’re able to get help soon as well. You deserve to live a life free of this horrible illness. You are so much more than your eating disorder. I believe in you.

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