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Plans getting in the way

I really want to ask about going to a therapist because I know that is what I need, but I keep putting it off. I keep putting it off because I have plans or school activities that throw me off. For example I have a field trip where I will have to pack a lunch. I don’t want to go and have to bring a super challenging lunch and freak out about the amount of food. So I put it off because I don’t know if I can focus on what’s going on around me and not freak out about my food.


I understand, and still, this is your life your talking about here. What is more important, deciding on what to pack for a field trip and how to cope with it, or getting the help you know you truly need? I hope I don't sound harsh, because I am only trying to show you that the most important thing right now is getting help. I understand it's hard and scary, and you still need to take that step. Take care.

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