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Wanting to connect with other parents of teens with ARFID and Anxiety

Hi: My daughter has been struggling with anxiety since middle school and was diagnosed with ARFID just this past May. I was just hoping to connect with oher parents out there who have been dealing with similar issues. Its been a long road and things are improving but still would like the support and understanding or others who have been on a similar path.


I have a daughter that is 3 years into ED and has anxiety issues. She is a bit older, now 20, and has tried alot of counselors, nutritionists, doctors etc but nothing has really had a lasting impact. We are now near the low point and trying to use all our financial leverage to convince a 20 year old to submit to treatment she needs but doesn’t want. At some point in the near future i am afraid we will need to seek POA , which carries the risk of completely destroying our relationship with our daughter.

We may not be in the same exact situation, but i am sure we have a bit in common like fear, guilt, frustration, and emotional exhaustion.

Recent ARFID Diagnosis Here Too

Hi Momof4,

My DD (age 10) was just given an ARFID/Generalized Anxiety Disorder diagnosis last week. I'm here to learn and chat with parents just like you, in the throes of the newness of all this. How are things going?

Been Struggling for Years

My 14 yo has always been a "picky eater" so we never did much about it. Then a little over a year ago her doctor (who had not seen her for a couple of years - long story) freaked out and MISDIAGNOSED her with anorexia and had her hospitalized. Soon after, we got her into therapy and they mentioned ARFID. I thought they were treating her for it, but really they were just forcing her to eat and if she didn't, she had to supplement. She would literally throw up she was so full. I went full mama bear on them and pulled her from the program.

We don't have an official diagnosis, but when I read about it, I realize she TOTALLY has ARFID. I just don't know where to go from here. What kind of therapist/treatment do we seek?

Not glad it's happening to anyone else here, but glad to not be alone!