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One thing?

My therapist asked me today what's one thing that you don't like about binge eating.

I was like one thing, it's so many things. I sometimes think she is crazy, I don't understand what she's thinking. So I said that stupid voice that says to binge eat and you can't make it go away.

I don't know why she asks me questions like this. Does anyone know why or have someone do the same thing? Because it makes me feel upset and I don't mean to be.


Hi London-

I'm sorry you were upset by what your therapist was asking. Your emotions are totally valid. I'm not sure how comfortable you would feel, but I know my therapist is always inviting me to share my experience of him- or anything that comes up for me during the session. I would consider just maybe being honest with your therapist and saying 'That question is a little frustrating for me'- I can't be sure, but I would think it's just a way to get you processing more about the behavior and the way it impacts your life. So maybe just being open about that question upsetting you could lead into a deeper dialogue about how you feel about BED. I always would encourage you to be as open and honest as you can during therapy, even about how you feel about the therapy itself.

Keep us posted <3

<3 Lovetowrite81

Hi lovetowrite81

Thank you so much for you're reply and what you are saying. I get it, I'll try talking more, sometimes it's hard and I don't know what to say. Thank you, hugs.


I know- it definitely can be difficult. It took me several years in therapy before I feel like I even really knew what to say, I was very quiet and guarded when I started and didn't know how to voice my emotions yet at all. I totally understand. Just some things to think about and maybe take a small step towards. Be gentle with yourself <3 Keep us posted.

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