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How Do You Know

I guess I don't have exactly a normal relationship with food but I wouldn't say I have an eating disorder really. I just eat when I'm hungry and that happens to be X times every couple of days. I have some issues from it like I get really tired or shaky or irritable or dizzy but nothing ever comes of it. Sometimes I really like eating and its delicious but sometimes I try to eat and when the food hits the back of tongue it takes like hot garbage and I can't swallow it. I usually never even think about my weight. In fact I have always wanted a certain figure that would fill out jeans, it gets annoying having guys tell me I don't have a "real womans" body. But the second I feel like I'm filling out my clothes or like last summer I went to an amusement park and they couldn't tighten the seat belt to the smallest setting I felt disgusting and ugly and even though that's what I wanted and suddenly food tastes bad again. I guess Im really just looking for someone to tell me that everyone feels like this and its normal and I'm reading too much into this. I got a roommate for the first time and she makes a huge deal about how I don't cook and when I do I just eat some ramen and move on. I think she's just making me feel self conscious and I need to be reassured im totally normal, if not a tad bit dramatic.

Welcome and take care!

Hello Dianne - welcome to our forums, we’re so glad you found us. You mentioned getting tired and dizzy, two symptoms that cause us concern. As a precaution, the following are just some of the signs of a serious problem that demands immediate medical attention: •accidentally or deliberately caused themselves a physical injury •become suicidal •confused thinking and is not making any sense •delusions (false beliefs) or hallucinations (experiencing things that aren’t there) •disoriented; doesn’t know what day it is, where they are or who they are •vomiting several times a day or has uncontrollable vomiting or diarrhea •experiencing dizziness or fainting spells •too weak to walk or collapses •painful muscle spasms •complaining of chest pain or having trouble breathing •blood in their bowel movements, urine or vomit •a body mass index (BMI) of less than 16 •an irregular heartbeat, and fast heartbeat, or very low heart beat (less than 50 beats per minute) •cold or clammy skin indicating a low body temperature or has a body temperature of less than 35 degrees Celsius/95 degrees Fahrenheit. If you experience any of the above, we highly recommend that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Another option is 911. Seek medical help soon on an outpatient basis if you: •have significant heartburn and/or a burning sensation after eating •have other gastrointestinal concerns •have high blood pressure •struggle with significant joint or muscle pain •have difficulty sleeping (falling and/or remaining asleep) •struggle with fatigue, sudden weight gain, and/or hair loss •have frequent urination or unquenchable thirst •have gained and lost significant weight repeatedly •have gained significant weight in a short period of time •struggle with chronic diarrhea or constipation. Please take care and please continue posting!

You are not alone.

Hey there Dianne - while I am not able to diagnose you, I do recognize possible signs of an ED in what you shared with the forum. And while I really don't think your relationship with food and your body sound "normal," I think you'll find a lot of people on this forum who will relate to what you're feeling and going through. If you're feeling dizzy and tired, those are definitely symptoms you should have checked out ASAP by your doctor. Do you have a doctor you like? I also would suggest finding someone you trust to talk with about your feelings regarding food and your body: maybe someone like your doctor, a counselor or therapist, teacher, family member, or friend. There's also the NEDA helpline, 800.931.2237, available M-TH 9-9 EST and F 9-5 EST. You are not alone! A peaceful relationship with food and your body is possible. I hope that was helpful, and I hope you keep posting and keep us updated. <3 STP

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