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Support groups?

I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend, a male teen who has had Anorexia for several years.

He is doing well on recovering physically, and has been sticking to three meals a day for a year now. However, he is still battling his mind. For that reason, he is considering going to a support group.

Do support groups help? Are they usually female-dominated? Have any of you had success with a male only support group? Or any online support groups?

We are doing reseach on nearby groups but would love to hear some advice/answers of our questions.



Support groups have been researched and they do help, even if the members don't realize it at first. It would probably be more helpful if you found a male based support group, and there are even some online support groups (18Percent) that could be of use. Keep your options open though, because not every support group may be right for your boyfriend. It's great that he has a partner that cares so much!
Good luck!

Thank you for your response!

Thank you for your response!