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This is my first post. really struggling tonight with wanting to binge over my feelings. I’ve been going to therapy twice weekly with a new therapist that’s been really helpful. But along with that comes a lot of feelings and dealing with things I’m not used to dealing with. Tonight I’m feeling really alone as I’m 40 and never married. All my friends have families/husbands and I feel all alone. Can anyone relate?


Welcome to the forum.
I’m only 26- but I still relate to what you’re saying. I see my friends getting married and starting their own families, while I don’t possibly see how anyone could ever even considering me with my past, trauma, mental illnesses and chronic pain. And of course, dear (not!!) old ‘ED’. all to say, that you’re not alone. Im here with you feeling down tonight.
And I too had the urge to binge to make myself feel better earlier, but was able to focus on watching a show instead. I’m here for you. Please keep posting.


I think it’s really good that you’re seeing a therapist and are aware of the feelings you’re having that are causing the urge to binge!


I'm 43 and single, and I constantly feel alone. So, I get it. Welcome to the forum,by the way. I'm sorry you're struggling, and I hope you get some comfort by talking to your therapist and by posting here.

Me Too

I’m also 43, never married, no kids. It can be hard for me not to believe that I never married because of how I looked. I know that personality and other attributes are also attractive, but I’ve never allowed someone to be attracted to my physical body because I believe I’m not good enough. I know this is something I need to work through with my therapist. I’m glad you’re seeing a therapist as well, and I don’t want to make this about me—I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone and I understand some of that you’re going through.

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