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I understand more why my therapist cut my sessions even though I am struggling. I saw my nutritionist today ago is friends with my therapist as well and both have known me a long time. I told my nutritionist I feel she doesn’t care anymore. My nutritionist said no that is not why she just doesn’t know what to do to help me anymore and she is doing me a disservice. I was saddened by that. Things just hit a really bad point and I did things I never have and she is just concerned I think. I am upping appointments with my nutritionist just to add support she has known me just as long as my therapist and also really wants me to do the trauma residential. I want to see my psychiatrist more as well before I go to residential because the wait list is so long. My therapist just doesn’t know how to help me anymore I think she tried to tell me that but I was too emotional and took it as her not caring about me anymore and being sick of me...


I’m glad that you have a better understanding. I hope you are having a good day. Take care. I hope that your treatment team will be of help this week.

Thank you I hope so I see my

Thank you I hope so I see my therapist Wednesday I am just going to take it as it is I know they feel they just don’t know how to help me anymore I am just status quo I am muddling through the days living but not.


Hi Hermione3-

I'm glad you have gotten a bit more understanding into how your therapist has been handling things. That's good that you increased appointments with your nutritionist in the meantime. Hang in there <3 I'm sorry it's going to be a bit of a wait, but I'm glad you are going to get to go to the program. We're here for you- keep us posted.

Thanks for the support I am

Thanks for the support I am also going to try increasing appointments with my psychiatrist. We are trying to schedule something now but she has nothing after my work hours. I said I would work something out. I hope we can schedule something soon. I see my therapist Wednesday I just hope it is ok. I see my medical doctor Wednesday too and I need blood work for the program.

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