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Got in to residential but..

I got into the trauma residential but it is a 3-4 month wait list ...I hope I can just hang in until then.

Still great news!

I'm sorry that you have to wait a few months to get in, but I can't hold it back that I'm still so happy that you're going to be able to go there! I know you can make it through this waiting period because you're so strong and brave, and you know you always have all of us on the forums. We're here with you through every step of the way. <3

Thanks for the support. I am

Thanks for the support. I am going to try to make extra appointments with my psychiatrist and nutritionist as my therapist has cut back sessions in the tough love way but I still need support somewhere and I think they can give it. I am just hoping I can make it. It is a trauma program but I was honest about my eating disorder so they want labs to make sure I am cleared and stuff. so I am going to ask my doctor for labs when I see her next week. I want new ones because my last ones were awful. I think the problem I had is resolved because before going to the psych ward they took blood and I was fine.


I’m glad to hear that you got into residential. It sounds like you have a good plan with making the extra appointments with your dietitian and psychiatrist. Keep posting here for support. We are here for you. Have a good day.

Thank you for the support. I

Thank you for the support. I hope to get in sooner but if I have to wait just pushing up support not with my therapist because that relationship is on thin ice so just doing my best.

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