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"1st day of the rest of my life"

Where did I hear this? Maybe in 12 step rooms or somewhere else? But it is. The Serenity Prayer says it all. Can't change the past. BUT, can change this day, today. Breakfast was fine. Lunch will be coming up. Have to plan for "the party" to be over when my planned meal has ended. Enjoy the food, small bites and eat slowly (no outside parental etc. oversight). Don't feel like going places when I overeat. How to keep this frontal (sensible me) brain thinking? When the pleasure of eating begins,
my subconscious is ready to leap out, ruin my plans, the quality of my life, yes because of this addiction. Great plan for this evening if all goes well till 6:10 when a taxi will take me to see Downton Abbey. P.S. Situation coming up tomorrow that will take my dealing with it head-on that has caused me much anxiety, but I will do it. Good to say it here.

Good Luck!

You can do this!

here for you

still praying and thinking for and of you. you can do it.


Yay-- you are doing it! You got this CC!


Sending you hugs.

thank you all SO MUCH

Now it's today. Did what I had to do so far for this anxiety ridden "situation". Should be finished by tonight. YAY! CC

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