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'"de ja vu"

I remember in BED rooms when I fIrst heard the expression "abstinence is the most important thing without exception". Didn't understand how anyone could say that. Yet, in the broadest sense, without abstaining from compulsive overeating, so much of my life is terribly affected, even lost because of this behavior. But, the trick of how to have the food I need and enjoy and yet be regulated and moderate? If I told you it was from the moment I woke up and for the next 1/2 hour the big debate and total focus was: "What is healthy, enjoyable and in the right amount for my body and mind for breakfast" I did this, this AM with my breakfast (BTW loved every mouthful, essential to accept the end of it). That's my "working toward". We'll see how the rest of the day goes. CC

good job

good job. you can keep doing that for the rest of the day. you are strong enough to do it. keep fighting. here for you

thank you as always ATK

Recently my very grown son said to me after he read about my food etc. issues : "Mom, you're a very positive person", and in his own words ATK said what you've said. Very good, busy AM. Didn't think about food till now but now it's yelling
"LUNCH TIME". So stay calm CC, "no one is going to take this away from you, take your time, thoughtful preparing, slowly (very hard) chew well, experience and enjoy. Accept there is an end to this "romance". Just thought of that word for this. CC

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