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Body composition analyzer and target weight

Today i was weighed on a body composition scale today. I didn't get to see all the results (probaböy better this way) but I saw the target weight it calculated for my body and was shocked. It is way more than I weighed pre-ED and probably ever. Now I'm scared to go further in my recovery. What if I can't stop eating and I really get to that weight because it is my ideal weight? I have a hard time accepting myself at my pre-ED weight and I don't think I could handle going up to that target weight.
Does somebody have experience with those kinds of scales? Can they even be this accurate?

Hi fightingbee

When I was recovering from my ED, my nutritionist had a target weight that was more than I've ever weighed and I almost had a panic attack over the news. But slowly, after some sessions with my therapist, that the reason my target weight was high to me was because I had never been at my healthiest weight before. I now weigh more than I imagined I would at this point in life, but I've never been more physically and mentally healthy before.

Your concerns about going further into recovery should definitely be discussed more with your treatment team. They will be able to help you understand more as to why that's your target weight and the process they have planned for you to reach that weight; maybe they can even give you more information on the BCA scale and it's statistics because I have no knowledge on that.

Just try to have faith in your treatment team, but more importantly in yourself because you do have control over your life, regardless of your ED.

Keep in touch <3

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