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managing my eating numero uno!

For if I don't, not clear and calm to "handle" all my other "stuff". Must talk about right now. This is often one of my toughest times of day. Body a little empty, certainly have "space" for food. Got over my extreme tiredness from after lunch. Perfectly fine. Not overdone in quantity but still I guess my body is working overtime digesting the meal. Never use to have this after eating but I gotta tell you this old age thing is filled with unwanted surprises. So humid out but when the sun starts to go down and it'a cooler, I'll take a walk on the soft grass in my nice spacious yard. Folks around here building on every spec of ground. Don't get the pleasure of their yards the way they use to. My sleep was better last night. Posted something about it. Guess I just had to get that precious phone call from my son. Please CC hang on till 6:30 or so for dinner.


You can do it CC! We are here for you. I’m glad that you posted.