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Stressed and unhappy

It’s the first time being around my family since I found out about my ED. I haven’t told them because I don’t want to feel watched or to make them worry. I am stressed out because I’m constantly surrounded by people here and I’ve been eating a little more to blend in with family.

I decided to do IOP because my team kept recommending it but it’s going to mean I miss a ton of class for school. I’m worried I’ll fall behind and I’m really stressed.

I’m feeling fat and judged and unhappy and I want to go home.

Hi immortalturtle - I'm proud

Hi immortalturtle - I'm proud of you for making your recovery a priority. School will always be there, and it will probably feel much less overwhelming to deal with classes and school when you're not also actively working toward recovery. Taking the time to focus on your ED is so important. Everybody's family is different, but I know I felt relieved when I finally told my parents what was going on with my ED. Sure, they didn't totally understand completely at the beginning, but we grew and evolved together as I went through recovery. Your family might even feel really honored to be included in your "support team." But of course, at the end of the day, you know what is best for you. Trust yourself and even though you're feeling down, remember feelings come and go, and feelings aren't facts. Recovery is possible, and I know you can get through this stressful, uncomfortable time.