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THe last 6 days I started eating more, double what I was before. And since then my anxiety has been returning, yesterday it was relentless and this afternoon is getting worse as well. Sometimes it's just restlessness, but other times it's an overwhelming fear and panic. Can any of you relate? It's so hard to keep being the guinea pig for the doctors trying to find the right meds when I know that restricting would help. But that's short term. And I'm trying to work through this, but I'm not sure how and I need support.


I can definitely relate. Even though I never had a meal plan increase, when I had a meal plan made for me when I was in inpatient it freaked me out beyond belief. Because I was going from eating practically nothing to eating what they wanted me to eat and my anxiety was really Sky High. And I know I got through it. I wish I knew what else to say because right now my anxiety is Sky High again and I can't. So sometimes we just need that extra help. And there are times when we can do it on our own. Something I learned when I was in the hospital was sit with it. That means just sit with that uncomfortable feeling and realizing that nothing awful is going to happen. That you are going to be okay and trusting that the professionals know what they're doing. I don't know if this is helping but I hope it gives you at least some support.

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