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Hi!!! I just read your response to my post about butterfly's. I am so glad you liked it. It is so true. Yes, I am glad to be here to offer support and receive support. So great.

My Mom is doing much better and is home. She had a major block in the main artery so they had to put a long stint in. Scary. Then she had three small strokes. Also scary. But there is no visible problems and she is a walking, talking, miracle. We have to tie her down, forcing her to rest, but she is stubborn and won't listen :))) We will keep her corralled.

So, for now, goodnight. One day at a time, the only way to go.

iwanttolive and I am


Hi Iwanttolive-

I'm so glad to hear your mom is at home and doing better! Praise the Lord :)

How are you feeling about everything this week?



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