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Post baby body.

I have been in “recovery” for 4 years. I had my second baby in November, I am close to having lost all the baby weight. I relapsed only a few times around the beginning of June because I struggle with my squishy mommy body. I actually have to loose the weight health wise, but I am finding it hard to not just go back to old habits. I can’t talk to a therapist because my insurance won’t cover it and I don’t qualify for the state funded programs. I have been doing well on my own, learning to eat healthy and in moderation but I asked for low impact exercise advice on our bases mommy workout page and was told that the only way to loose weight is to restrict, calorie count and be hyper aware of my food intake. I disagreed and was told I was wrong and that I would never loose the weight if I wasn’t willing to track food forever. Please someone tell me that you lost weight in a healthy way without having to hyper focus on food? If I do that the. I spiral and start to purge again.

I'm not sure we're allowed to

I'm not sure we're allowed to tell you. Because there are really strict rules on Neda about things like this because it could be triggering to other people. I want to be supportive and helpful and I also don't want to trigger anybody else. Welcome to The Forum and I understand your frustration and I understand why you feel the need to lose weight for health reasons and like I said I don't think we're supposed to give any type of advise or even history of times when we may or may not have lost weight in any way shape or form because I said it may be triggering to other people. I'm really sorry. My suggestion is to talk to the people on the Neda website during their business hours. Maybe they can give you some suggestions and advice that were not allowed to.


Hello and welcome to the forum. As alwaysthinking said, we can not promote a particular plan of losing weight but I can tell you that the information you were given is wrong with a capital W. Restricting is not a way to lose weight. It is dangerous and as you said, may lead to other behaviors. Counting calories and being hyper focused on what you eat may even cause one to be more focused on food and therefore eat more. I believe in a balanced approach, also intuitive eating. Learning about your hunger cues. To eat balanced meals, eating when hungry and stopping when full. This approach may not be the best if you are not in recovery or haven't learned how to eat for what your body needs and usually works best if you work with a dietician.

But the advice you got from this site that advised you that you HAD to count, restrict, and so on, I would say don't go back there. That way of living is disordered and you don't want to go back there. I congratulate you on your recovery so far and on your little ones.

I know that I do not count calories and I eat when I want. I am in recovery and recently have had some weight fluctuations. So I know that I need to keep an eye on things as I just changed up the way I was eating and eliminating a food group that was my main food group. So it has been an adjustment. I am glad to see that you want to be healthy and saw the error in the information given to you and posted here. I would talk with a NEDA volunteer as suggested and see if they have any suggestions. I think that they will only be able to advise you to seek professional advice. If you can't see a dietician, maybe you can see your medical doctor and see if he/she can give you some pointers. Take care. Post again and let us know how you are doing.


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