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Hello Braveheart, how are you doing tonight? How have the past few days been? I am also wondering how your dear Papa is doing? I know this is such a terribly difficult time for you right now and I am so sorry. I say into every life a little rain must fall...but I feel like there have been torrential rain storms recently. I am sure you probably feel the same way. But...we must cling to The One Who can save us from despair. To me despair is when we just give up and give in to the feelings. Having no hope. But we do have Hope. And Hope is a Person. As long as we do not give in to despair and allow Him to help us, we will be okay.

So, enough preaching!!! I do hope that you are okay. Praying for you, my friend.


Thank you for reaching out. I’m doing okay. My mood cycles a lot during the day which is exhausting. But I have been practicing the ‘put it in the box’ suggestion you gave me for trauma and it helps me stay present more throughout the day and not get stuck on it, and then I take it out of the box in therapy. I really appreciate that suggestion, it’s been helpful. The same goes for the situation with my papa. He had a second skin graft yesterday morning and is now back at home. I don’t know how he can stand the pain as some of the burns are so deep. I hate that he had to keep having procedures. I am relieved my mom came around and is accepting of me staying here. I actually think one of my aunts helped her understand. The one thing I’m struggling to keep in the box is the trauma feelings from my gynecologist exam in a week and a half. I’m trying.

I’m going out to eat lunch with my parents tomorrow and it’s at a brewery so obviously drinking will be an option. I don’t know whether it’s okay to have just one drink or not. I’m not using it to numb out, and I know one is okay every once in a while with my meds, but I’m unsure if would affect my depression. Maybe I should just take my anxiety medication before hand and not. I don’t know. I’ve heard very mixed things about recovery from drugs and whether drinking is okay or not. I’ve been able to do so in moderation without issue but also have had periods where it starts to get out of hand. Do you have any input on it??


Hi!!! I am happy to hear that "putting the situation in a box" idea has helped you. As far as having a drink, I think you already figured that one out. It doesn't really help and can hurt. So I think it is best to not have one but the decision is up to you. But I think from what you said, you already decided not to have one. I support you in that decision. Wise Mind thinking.

I am so sorry to hear that your Papa had to have a second skin graft. He sounds like a strong and determined person. Brave like you. And even though you aren't going you are still Brave. Not going doesn't change that. You are making a decision that is what is needed for the "now". He will always be in your heart and you can write to him and call him. Both of you know the bond you have and nothing will change that.

Going to the GYN. It sounds like this time you may need to talk about your fears with a friend and God and your therapist. Putting this one in a box may be difficult as the fear is so great that you may need to write about it, talk about it and pray a lot and ask God to help you during the week as you prepare to go. I will be praying about that for you.

Again as you asked for my input about having a drink. I don't drink myself and have had an occasional drink. I had a bad experience once when someone I was "dating" kept ordering me more and more. I was so innocent at the time, really innocent. I grew up a lot since that day. The other day I was at my parent's house waiting for my Mom to come home from the hospital. They have stuff at their house and my thought was, numb out. But I said NO!! It isn't the answer. I didn't. There is no value in having a drink as I said, other than the social aspect and as you already said you have a history with substances. The brain is tricky that way and even if you aren't trying to numb out your brain remembers better that you do how it will affect you and may be more of a temptation to use alcohol again. So it isn't needed and it may hurt as I said earlier. My thoughts are, better to just have something non-alcoholic. What do you think? I think you already decided didn't you? Well. Time for me to get up.

Have a good day and keep making those Wise Mind decisions.

iwanttolive and I am

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