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Symptom use increasing and being rear ended

Unfortunately the symptom use is increasing and the ed is getting louder and more frequent. My husband even told me this is the worst he's ever seen me, which breaks my heart because I love him so much and hate hurting him. I just want to be well. I hope I can go inpatient in my area if that's what is decided. I just can't go through life like this. I was also in a hit and run accident. Someone rear ended me and drove away last night, but I think the only damage it left was a scratch on the bumper.


When do you find out anything? And I'm sorry you're struggling so much. I wish I could even begin to discuss everything I need to on this site. Just know that I'm here for you

Thank you

I get assessed Tuesday. And I got rear ended today but the guy ran away and it didn't look like there were more than scratches on the bumper, so I'm praying that that's all it is. My husband was in the car.

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