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Hi. I was reading through some of an older post of yours and Ilovetowrite. I am not sure of the exact user name as I forget things easily. I too am a Christian and had to go through the issues of seeing some of the eating disorder behaviors I had as being an idol. Such as the scale. But in reality, anything any Christian puts before God is considered an idol. We who suffer with eating disorders are no more guilty than the rest, but God says He forgives us and we don't have to live in guilt because He died for those sin issues we deal with on a daily basis. None of us is perfect. It is through Christ's perfection and death and rising, that we do not have to feel guilt and shame. It has been removed from us. That is the freedom we have in Christ. If and when we fall short, we go to God and say yep, did it again. And with repentance comes forgiveness. Actually all our past, present and future sins have been dealt with on the cross. It has been such a journey for me with being a Christian and dealing with an eating disorder. I am carful not to call it my or say your eating disorder but the or it. This for me takes away any identification it may have with me or over me. It separates it from me. I am not my eating disorder. I used to have one. I am in recovery now, and I owe it to my faith in Christ and the faith of my parents and their love for me and friends who prayed for years for me. I am thankful that I am finally free from it all and next Thursday will be my last therapy session!!!!

How have you been? I was reading that you were having medical issues? How is your recovery going? I know it must be difficult when dealing with medical restrictions and all. So, I will end here. Nice to post to you and I hope you are doing well.


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