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Bed rest

I’m at home on bed rest due to heart problems associated with my eating disorder and missing out on so much. I want to get better and things are going well with meal plans and progress etc overall but I just feel so bored as I’m used to being very busy and active. Does anyone have any tips from shared experiences to get through the day. Just want to hear from anyone really who is or has gone through something similiar.
Thanks x

Meal plan increase

I’m worried about my next meal plan increase as I am already eating so much in my current one. I’m scared that it may trigger me into having bad ed thoughts as I’m not yet completely comfortable with my current one but physically I don’t have time to delay or i could face serious risk to my health. Thanks for any help or experiences with this

Increasing meal plans can be

Increasing meal plans can be very stressful and scary. You have your head in the right place though; you know it’s healthy for you. For both the boredom and anxiety, have you tried some relaxing activities to get your mind of things? I’ve found that reading, meditating, and even coloring can be very helpful. Writing sometimes helps too, and if you journal, you can also get any thoughts out that way.
Stay strong and take care. You deserve this recovery


Hi. I am sorry to hear you are on bedrest but this is necessary to keep you safe. Boredom is a real issue. I get bored just being in the house too long, let alone being in bed. I color Mandala's. It takes a lot of time and keeps the mind occupied and focused. There are these dot to dot books that have several hundred dots that change color and create pictures. Needle point. Reading. Listening to books on tape, or CD. It is difficult though, I know. Reminding yourself of the purpose and importance of why you have to be in bed.

About the increases. It is difficult. Do you have faith in Jesus? You can talk to Him and ask Him to help you. He will. He wants to be there for you. In my life, without Him I wouldn't be alive. Maybe reading the Bible and getting strength and Hope from what you read. I am sorry it is so difficult. But tell yourself you can do this. With support and love, and courage, you can do this. I will be praying for you. Hang in there,


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