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Worries / constant burping

This is my first time writing on here and I just wanted to know if anyone is having a similar problem to me.... This might sounds stupid but I burp ALOT and I never used to being my ED. It varies from good to bad throughout the day. It can sometimes happen in the mornings before I’ve eaten or drank anything and will always happen after a meal. I’ve started having a gaviscon tablet a few hours after my lunch but this only helps for 30-60mins. I don’t know if I’ve damaged my insides from purging for the last two years and my body just tries to bring up whatever’s in my body. I’ve raised it with both my gp and therapist but it didn’t seem to concern them. It is very frustrating and makes me not want to bother eating anything at all because it gets worse after meals. This is when I feel to restrict my diet by just consuming liquids which then leads to a binge and follows with purge. I feel like this is a never ending cycle and after reading some post on here it seems the ED never fully goes away which scares me so much!!! I just want to be able to socialise with my friends and family without having any worries :(

You're not alone

I also struggle from burping all the time. I've been purging a lot lately as well.


Hi and welcome to the forum!!! I am sorry about the burping. I don't know what to say about that, but do want to encourage you that recovery is possible. Many have found full recovery and I am newly in recovery from overeating but have three or four years of recovery from anorexia. And three months free from all thoughts and urges to self harm or overeat/binge. I know three months doesn't seem like a long time but I suffered thirty plus years from eating disorders and self harm. Like I said, around four years and I am not afraid to eat food, don't count calories, am comfortable at a higher weight than I ever thought I would settle at, and do not obsess over food anymore. I have freedom. And there are others that can tell you the same thing.

I don't know why you are burping but as you can see, restricting leads to binging. Your body is hungry and will do what it needs to do to get nutrition. Can you try your best to have regular meals even if you burp? And maybe see a different gastro doctor and get a second opinion? By eating regular meals it greatly increases the chances of stopping the binges which will help you not want to restrict. I know it isn't so simple. Therapy can be helpful if you are not seeing someone. I know having regular contact with my therapist really helps me. I am glad you posted and hope that you can believe that one day you too can be free from the eating disorder. I wish you the best. It must be uncomfortable with what you are experiencing. I am sorry you are struggling with the eating disorder. Believe in recovery and reach for it. One day it can be your reality too.


Hi! I was just wondering if

Hi! I was just wondering if this ever got better for you/ what you did to improve it? I have been struggling with the same problem and it is causing me a lot of anxiety every time that I eat. I hope this isn't an issue for you anymore!!


Hi, I was also wondering whether any of you found any possible reason for this. I've experienced the same thing for the past 2 years and tried many treatments for it. I was previously anorexic but it started when i first began restricting my intake but while I was still at a healthy weight. I'm not sure what might have caused it as I didn't used to purge. I have tried several things to aid gut motility in case it was a matter of gastroparesis which often occurs as a protective mechanism in anorexia nervosa. Neither of these treatments seemed to work. I have been referred to the gastroenterologists after a 4 month wait but very recently I have noticed by burping to have decreased significantly. I haven't done anything in particular, it just happened. The only association I can make is my recent weight gain- restoring me back to a healthy BMI. Anyhow, I will discuss this further with my gastroenterologist and If i find out anything more I'll let you know.

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We aren't allowed to give medical advice. I hope you find out some answers.

Im sorry this is happening.

Im sorry this is happening. Our bodies communicate and react in very strange ways. Recovery symptoms are different for all of us, and I can only hope that as your body goes back to normal it lessens.


As far as my understanding goes this can be a functional GI problem, that means it doesn’t involve any underlying problem that can be identified through tests. It’s usually an anxiety response of the gut and it starts moving in an irregular fashion causing gas to move the wrong way- upwards. This “gut anxiety” is often precipitated by different stressors such as emotional stress or unusual eating patterns. How I deal with it is by trying to calm myself down, maintaining a fairly stable eating pattern and recognizing early signs of when it’s about to occur to try to distract myself and suppress it. This prevents me from getting into the vicious cycle- of anxiety and burping and being anxious about burping causing me to burp even more. This is by no means a diagnosis for you nor am I giving medical advise, I just know how worrying and debilitating this can be for someone experiencing it, so hope my experience is of some help to you.

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