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Needing increased thyroid replacement?

I know this is not nearly as important as other threads on here. I'm just feeling really discouraged and trying to stay positive for recovery since I have come so far. Has anyone had to get their thyroid replacement meds increased after recovering? Or eating a more normal diet? I've been in recovery for about 5 months now (seems like it's been forever)? I just found out this morning that my TSH is going back up (which may explain why I feel like garbage because I'm super sensitive to that) and I had it stable for the year prior to starting recovery. This is important to me because my previous doctor left me untreated for 7 years, I had to go to an endocrinologist to get it straightened out, FINALLY relief from some of the symptoms, and now they're back. Trying to accept that my body needs to repair itself but I hurt EVERYWHERE and I really want my life back which is why I started recovery in the first place, but now I'm feeling worse than when I started and paired with stressors in my life, I keep having thoughts of going back, and I don't want to do that. Anyway, now that I'm done ranting, the simple question was just if anyone else found they needed more T4/T3 after their calorie intake become drastically increased? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong? My endo hasn't called me yet to let me know what she wants to do about it, I will try to get up the courage to ask her, it's just still soooooo hard for me to talk about out loud.

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