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Afraid of treatment costs

I know I have an eating disorder... It started about 6 years ago, but I didn't realize how bad it still was until this past April. I have since relapsed worse than I ever have and I feel like I need an intensive form of treatment, only I'm afraid to tell my parents not because they wouldn't support me, but because they will. I've had a lot of health complications and I don't know that our insurance will cover treatment to the extent that I probably need. I don't want to make them pay for it when I know how expensive it gets.

I'm also a college student, so I don't want to have to take a semester off for treatment, not do I want it to ruin my study abroad plans for the spring. While my school is only an hour away from the city, it would be difficult to go there regularly for outpatient treatment, the cheapest option. I might try to college counseling center when I get back in the fall, but they usually refer ED's to the city.

I hate feeling like a burden, and I don't want to ruin my own plans. What are my options?


Hi. Welcome to the forum. I know you are concerned about the cost of treatment but it is your life you are talking about. It is really important to stay focused and know that you are important enough to have treatment, even if it costs a lot. In the long run, getting help now will save you a lot in emotional pain and suffering and treatment. If you are not well enough to go abroad, I would seriously consider postponing it until you will be able to enjoy the experience. Difficult to have to do but something to really consider. You are NOT a burden. You are seeking help and that is what this forum is for and your parents seem like they would want to help you in anyways they can. If you don't get help, your plans may be ruined by inaction. Rather than let things fall apart, be proactive and take charge and get treatment, and then you can do all that you want to do when you are feeling stronger, mentally and physically. I wish you the best and you know what will be best for you. I would listen to yourself in this and do what you think is best not necessarily what you want. I am sorry you have to be making these difficult decisions but you are worth it and recovery is possible. You have your whole life before you. Take charge now. Get the help now and then you can do those things you want to do. I know my answer seems superficial but I really mean it and I do care. I know how difficult it is and how when I went to Israel on a class trip for three weeks during my eating disorder I has no fun. Could not enjoy being in Israel and I am a Christian, it should have been the trip of a lifetime. It wasn't. So I am not just saying these things without knowing what it is like to have been there myself. Best of luck and keep posting.


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