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Hi. I read your post from hermeone3. I want to say that you are a fighter as well. Things have been so difficult for you this summer but you haven't given up. You are still fighting. You want to get well. I am so sorry you are struggling so much. But I don't hear resignation in your posts. I hear fight. I hear I am NOT giving in. I hear life. I hear the eating disorder isn't going to win. I also hear that you are tired. That you are weary. That you just want it to be over. If you keep up with the mindset that you want to recover, that you are not going to give in, you will succeed. You will win. You will recover. I do believe this with all my heart. Your pain is real. I am sorry for your pain. And suffering. It doesn't have to last forever. Keep talking about it. Keep processing through it. I have found that the things that used to be so painful for me are not anymore. I have healed from a lot of the pain. I am not suffering like I was. I was a mess. So much hurt and pain and anger. As I have talked about it and processed through it and prayed about it and surrendered it to God, I am not in pain. I still process through stuff but find it doesn't hurt and I don't hurt like I used to. I say this to give you hope that one day you as well won't hurt so much. For me, God mixed with therapy mixed with my parent's and friend's love has helped me heal. This can be true for you too. Just don't give up. Keep taking each day as it comes. One day you will be writing something similar to what hermione3 and I are posting. You will be saying, I don't hurt as much. I am getting better. I think you are already even if you don't feel it. I see strength in you and determination and glimmers of hope. Let those seeds grow. They are planted in you. Take care of the soil. Take care of the seeds and watch them blossom.. I believe they will. Hang in there. You are doing it. Take care my friend.


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