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Worn down

Here's the catch 22. I know I need help, at least a therapist, but I've been burned by all the therapists I've tried over the past 2 years. It's where I'm purging more and need therapy, but don't have the energy to keep trying therapists to find one who will help. Sometimes I purge multiple times a day.

Sometimes it's challenging to

Sometimes it's challenging to find a good therapist fit. It's also hard to "hang in" with a therapist if frustrated or not seeing the results we want fast enough. What is the alternative though? If therapy could be useful, trying to find a therapist you feel comfortable with is better than not, right?

NEDA has some good resources if you need help with your current search:
Helpline 1-800-931-2237
Chat at
Text "NEDA" to 741741

Good luck!