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Feeling Overwhelmed By The Return of My Period

I had to take a day off from work for my period. My job is very important for me and my ability to pay my bills, and just get out my Green House every day.
Now that my Period Finally returned, after being absent for almost 3 months, now I resent it for returning.
I want to eat less and exercise more just to prevent it from returning every month.
I hate feeling bloated.
I hate water retention around this time of the month.
I hate not knowing when its gonna end.
I hate feeling lazy having taken a day off because my body feels amuck and I feel powerless over it.
I feel sooo grossed out, and I just want to sleep all day, every day, until my period ends this month.
But i cant because i must act responsibly, go to work, usually no matter how i feel and be disciplined, because i must.
I must step up my exercise after work @ night and push myself to the limit. I must increase my workout, and I must go faster and faster.
My metabolism has reached a plateau and this is why I feel I need to take more control or loose it all in my 50's to becoming an Undisciplined Sloth---overnight.
I hate having to work so hard. I feel this need to prove that I will not allow myself to become a physical clone of my mother's body and very well rested mind, (she Never worried about dieting), esp in front of me, growing up as a kid???.
I just cant accept my current state of being..

Hang in there. I definitely

Hang in there. I definitely relate, regarding the period. I have a wonky one too, and that makes it even tougher to handle when it comes back. Just try to remind yourself it's a natural process, and you need it to feel well. And in time, you'll start feeling better, as it balances. As you know, you need it to maintain hormone levels and overall balance. Eat well. Don't exercise when it's too much. It'll get better. <3 Please feel free to talk to me.

Sending support your way!

Hey chunkymonkey68, I can relate and empathize with your discomfort. Sending you hugs and support to get it through it this month! I'm not a medical professional, but I know sometimes we can feel tired during our periods as well. It can be so difficult to manage that with the voices of ED telling us to work harder when our bodies don't feel great. I'm hoping you're able to challenge those ED thoughts and do something relaxing and get the self care time that can be so essential when we're not feeling our best. Is there anything relaxing you might do tonight? Best, Carol1234