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Does this happen to anyone else?

I went to the doctor for another weight check, and I had lost a few pounds but it wasn't anything that seemed to bother my doctor too much but I always get the same speech about how I need to stop being so strict and rigorous and how I need to stop weighing my food and eat more. I can do this for about I week. I seem to be able to ignore the food scale and my bathroom scale and how many grams of carbs are in something and how many calories I'm eating for about a week and then I just fall right back into my old patterns. The unrestricted eating for a week always ends up with me gaining a few pounds, even though most of the pounds are probably water weight, but tomorrow morning I have my meals all planned out and I'm planning to double my exercise and I just can't stop. This cycle is why I don't lose a ton of weight between my weight checks, which happen monthly, but I'm worried that I'm screwing up my metabolism.

I see positive steps

Hi amistrong: I and many others on this forum can totally relate to what you are going through. It's amazing progress that you can ignore the scale for a week at a time. Maybe next week it will be for a week and a day! Metabolism is one of those tricky things that can get out of whack. I'm not a health care professional, but do you have access to a nutritionist that has expertise in ED and can help you eat in a way that accommodates your individual metabolism? If not, the NEDA helpline can help you find resources in your area. Good luck and keep fighting for your recovery.

Doing the yo-yo

I have the same issue with the scale. If I get on it and don't see the number I like, I usually end up with a binge, which I understand is completely ridiculous but I just can't stop. It's like punishing myself for not seeing the result I was expecting. So I try to say as far as possible from the scale as I can. I use clothing as a way to judge my progress.