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How to handle food during the holidays?

I'm at my family's house, and I feel like I'm much worse here. Of course the overwhelming fear is that I will be forced to eat more/something I can't measure, but so far, it's almost the opposite. I'm holding myself less accountable because I have an excuse- people are around- so I can only take a little bit of food that I can squirrel away. It's like a bad trick. I just know I'm going to be so tired all day and that my insomnia will get worse. I just can't handle people seeing me eat. Sometimes I want to be better; sometimes it doesn't feel worth how I'll feel about myself. There's so much commotion in my family; it's easy to hide. Too easy.

What I do?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving w/ the family

Did it work out?

It was okay, thanks. I fear I

It was okay, thanks. I fear I was so worried about gaining that I controlled more/ was under-eating all week, which might account for some of why I'm feeling ill now.

See your physician for a well check?

Sounds like it's time for a check up? Hope you feel well soon. Take care.

Holiday stress

After I got my ticket to go back home for Christmas I went on a massive stress induced binge because I couldn't deal with the fact that my family might comment on my weight having gone up. I also feel stressed because I will have to say no to things I really want to eat but know are trigger foods. The idea of having to explain my choices is just so dreadful. I understand your stress.


Hi Shaina28-
Just wanted to check in with you & see how you've been feeling? How are you doing since the holidays? Hope to hear from you soon, I've been thinking of you <3