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Right now my ED voice is really loud. I am feeling so guilty for eating anything today. I don't feel worthy of food. I feel like everyone else is worthy of food but me. I feel like I deserve what other people did to me, but that nobody else does.


Hi, may I ask a question, perhaps two? Good. Why do you feel you don't deserve to eat? Who tells you, besides the eating disorder that you are not worthy to eat?

I understand the part of doing to myself what others have done to me. I perpetuate the abuse. By my own hands. Do you think you are punishing those who hurt you by not eating? This is not true. They don't care. You do deserve to eat. God made us to eat. He loves you and wants you to nourish your body. If you can, think and write down why you don't feel you deserve to eat, and why you are punishing yourself. Then go over it with someone some one who is objective, and when you are in a good place. That may help. I am so sorry you feel this way. My prayers continue for you.


I'm sorry you're having a hard time right now. I hope you will be ok soon. Lots of hugs.

Thank you

I just really struggle to accept the abuse was not a result of the way my body looked. I struggle to feel worthy of meals and calories. I feel broken.