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Hi :)
When I was a teenager I suffered from an eating disorder (restricting food intake, skipping meals, being sick and excessive use of laxatives).
I've been absolutely fine for about 2 or 3 years and now suddenly I'm finding myself falling back into my old ways.
It's took me a while to build up the confidante to post something on here because I feel like there's something inside me that's stopping me from getting help.
I don't want to carry on doing what I'm doing because I know I'm damaging my body and also shutting people out especially my parents and boyfriend. But I always feel like I've got that little devil on my shoulder telling me to keep going with it, it's so fustrating I feel like I'm in a constant battle with myself and I'm not sure what to do :(

Hi Becca92!

First of all, welcome to the forums! Thank you for sharing your story and opening up here. Recognizing what you're going through is the first step towards stopping it, and I applaud you for being able to do that. I think a good next step would be to locate help, and the NEDA Helpline is a great tool to assist you in that search. You can call them at 1-800-931-2237 (M-R 9-9, F 9-5 EST) and the volunteers who work the Helpline can point you in the direction of resources in your area, from support groups to therapists who specialize in EDs. Beyond that, the forums are a great place to come when looking for support, and I hope you continue to post.

Stay strong!