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Eating disorder

Hi, my sister has an eating disorder. She binge eat all the time. It's uncontrollable for her, and it's hard to watch for me. She was a fit kid growing up, but after high school, her eating habits changed suddenly. We tried to help her by not bringing any junk home, we also tried her to get to exercise, but nothing worked. Now our neighbor suggested taking her to a rehab facility near us called Edgewood Health Network. How successful are these addiction centers in helping with eating disorders? Is it a good idea to send her there? Has anyone tried a de-addiction center for eating disorder? Please advise!

Hi, BarbaraCampbell!

My sister has also struggled with an eating disorder, so I know where you're coming from. It can be really hard to watch someone you love struggling with an eating disorder.

However, you're doing a good thing by acting on your concerns and looking for help for your sister. Seeking help can be really difficult, so you should be proud.

While I think addiction and eating disorders can have some things in common, I'm not sure how much the treatment/recovery process is similar. Have you contacted the facility near you to ask if they treat people with eating disorders? If they have an eating disorders program, that may be a good option for your sister to consider. You can also call the NEDA Helpline at 1-800-931-2237. They can help you find professionals and treatment close to where you live.

I would also recommend you look at the NEDA Parent Toolkit. It has great information about eating disorders for family members of people who are suffering: .

I hope this helps! Keep heading in this positive direction! It sounds like you're trying to do the best thing for your sister, so I would keep doing your research and try to find a professional who can help.

Please keep posting on the forums! We want to hear about your sister's progress toward recovery! Good luck!
The fact that you are this

The fact that you are this concerned for your sister is wonderful :-) Is your sister seeing a therapist at all? A mental health professional or a doctor often will let a patient know whether or not they need to go to a rehab facility. It's beneficial for some but not all! I have not been sent to one but I had a friend who was sent by a doctor and it really messed her up. In contrast, I have a friend that it worked wonders for. It's a very individual decision. I looked up the facility you mentioned and it is beautiful! If she had to be sent anywhere you guys have found a really great spot for her!

For me, my eating disorder is an addiction but not everyone sees it the same way. I would just ask your sister as she is really the only one who knows exactly how she feels. I have not been sent to a facility but that is because no matter how bad I get my mom won't let me tell my doctor about the ED because she's afraid of me being sent to one of these places. I would actually welcome the opportunity to get better but that's also where I'm at in the process. If you had asked me a year ago I would not even have been able to admit I had a problem.

I think the best person to ask is your sister. :-)

Good luck to both of you! It's so sweet to see that you care so much about her!

Family Key

Hi there,

I agree with the other folks that your concern for you sister is amazing. My little brother has an eating disorder (restrictive and over exercise), and watching that can be so excruciating! One thing to keep in mind as your sister starts treatment is that your sibling relationship can go though lots of strain as treatment becomes the primary topic. Remember, you guys are not the ED! It's in a relationship with your family, but your sister is still your sister with interests, a sense of humor, goals, fears, and opinions. My relationship with my brother got a lot stronger through the treatment process because we really focused on stuff that wasn't the ED too.

Secondly, seek family therapy if at all possible. It is true that your sister has work to do, but ED is really the product of the family system. If you can all go in and work on your relationships to each other you are much more likely to see better results for you sister, yourself, and you whole family.

I really wish you well on your journey!