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Best group I had

When I was in the inpatient facility, from which I just got discharged yesterday, one of the groups that we had for the e.d. patients was about Body image and how various components such as cultural socialization, interpersonal experiences, our own physical characteristics and changes, and our personality traits form how we feel about/see ourselves. We then talked about how we each personally can see this, in our own lives and how these components molded our own body image. The therapist then asked us to try to figure out which one of the components may have been the key to truly shaping our mindset. Basically, she was asking what was truly at the bottom of all of it. It was actually the only group that I ever felt really helped me. And then later on in the day, I wrote a poem that was based on it. I cannot include all of it in here, because the first part is too personal and obviously it is based on how those four factors molded me. It starts out very negatively. And I also know it can be very triggering. But I am going to include the part that was my intent, from the very beginning. But since this post is already very long, and I want people to get the gist of it, I'm going to post it under another topic.


Hi I am looking forward to hearing what you wrote. I guess I should say see what you wrote but I like hearing better because it is meant to be heard.

How are you doing today?

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