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is it worth it?

I just have a simple question: is weight gain worth it? Will I be happier once I'm in the healthy weight range?
I'm still so scared of reaching a healthy weight... becoming bigger and bigger. I liked my thin body. Don't know if gaining even more weight is worth it...


were you happy when you were thin? i mean, truly happy? ask yourself that and truly examine that question in your heart of hearts. i know for myself, when i was my thinnest, i was miserable emotionally. once i gained weight, i was happier, not because i gained weight, but because i gained better understanding about my life and what i needed to do in order to live my life fully. look into your heart and discover who you really are and what you really want. find your inner motivation for recovery. that is what will drive you to feeling better, happier, and more comfortable with being healthy.


I'm much happier now, at a bigger weight. I've even come to love my body. It takes a lot of time, but I'm pretty much done with the eating disorder after 29 years. I no longer am tormented by Ed's voice. I don't obsess over calories or body image or exercise anymore, and I feel so much freer. I hope this helps some. Maybe you could ask yourself if you're happy being controlled by the eating disorder.

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