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Wife is starting to become anorexic

Greetings anyone who can help,

My Wife is very self conscience about here weight. We are both sightly over weight and are around the same weight. I am ok with my weight since I am a guy but she isn't because she has always been smaller then me. She is looking into "Pro-Ana" Support groups. I don't know how to encourage her to be healthy with losing weight.

If anyone can help or has any suggestions that would be great?



Hello Daniel!! Thank you for your post concerning your wife! I hope that I can be of some support!

I feel that pro-ana is a dangerous and damaging mindset to have for any person, especially those seeking to lose weight. There are healthy means to accomplish a healthy weight, but pro-ana anything will never accomplish a healthy weight or a healthy life.

A great way I think your wife could seek answers to her questions would be to consult with a dietitian regarding meal plan and other actions that can be used to achieve her healthy weight goals.

If you feel like you would benefit from more support regarding how to communicate these things with your wife or just to support her in general, I think the NEDA Navigator program would be a great option! A Navigator is a trained volunteer who is in recovery from an ED and who is there to provide free, confidential support! They can provide perspective on how to support your wife with her body image concerns, or just a listening ear for whatever you need!! Here is a link to learn more!!

I hope this helps!!