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Confused about weight and hunger

I've been in recovery for about 7 months. I've overshot my pre-ed weight. I want to become an intuitive eater,but I always end up binging,tho I am not hungry physically.I can't even look into the mirror because I instantly become miserable and I just feel upset with myself compared to my friends. I am constantly gaining therefore I am scared that I will become extremely overweight. My last 2 periods seemed to be normal.I really want to lose weight but I don't want to relapse. Ha anyone had a similar experience? How could I accept my body and look? I am so sick of my negative body image,just want to be normal.

Congrats on your recovery!

Congrats on your recovery! That takes so much courage and strength. I know it's hard, but you've made it so far. You should be proud.
A lot of what your going through is very relatable. No matter how weight restored we are, that doesn't relate to any residual issues regarding body image. I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time facing that right now. Have you been able to talk to a therapist about it? With EDs, it's really important to get a good support team together. I would highly suggest looking into therapy to help improve your perception of yourself. You are beautiful and so strong. You deserve to be happy and to give yourself love and care. Once you are able to work on that, the rest of recovery falls into place.
Keep it up, you are amazing.

Intuitive Eating

Hey eufemism! Congratulations on recovery! It really is a wonderful place to be. I want you to take a step away from the mirror though and think about how recovery has changed you else wise. Are you thinking clearer? Do you have more energy? Are you having an easier time being in the moment with your friends? I know these are all positives that I noted when I made it to recovery. As for your food dilemmas. Would you be interested in seeing a dietitian that can help you with your food choices and amounts? NEDA has some awesome resources to find a dietitian in your area that specialize in eating disorders.

Best of luck! KayLeigh

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