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Bingeing after Anorexia

I´suffered from Anorexia 10 months ago, it happened when I was on an Exchange in a foreign land. There I really got into Triathlon (which my father also does) and started eating less and less, without cutting Training. One week after I got home I was put in the Hospital immediatly, the doctors said I was close to death. The recovery which was forced was very difficult. But I gained weight very fast. I refused professional help, after I had reached a healthy body-state, and I have had very bad experiences with therapists. Now I am still gaining weight and bingeing, I do Sports but not as regular, cause I always tell myself, today I can eat as much as I want to, but tomorrow I am gonna start on a healthy diet and start doing Sport regularly again. But this just keeps repeating itself. I am a lot less confident in front of my friends now and I am starting to not go out as much. I am gonna try to start writing a Journal, but I would like to hear other tipps, how to stop this bad cycle and finally get a healthy, strong Body, for which I am motivated for!


Hi there, welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing your story, I'm glad you found us. This is a great community of people who understand what you're going through and have been there. I had a similar experience with my eating disorder - it started with excessive exercise, then restriction until a point that was very scary... then upon trying to recover, it turned more into binging. I don't know your specific situation, of course, but it's important to remember that often what feels like a binge to someone who was anorexic is actually not an outrageous amount of food after all. It's perhaps just what your body needs! What finally helped me, though, is to stop focusing on calories completely. This was no easy task, but once I let go of keeping track at all, I began to actually eat when I'm hungry instead of bored, and to stop once I was full. I'm sorry you're feeling less confident and not wanting to go out as much. One of the hardest parts of recovery is adjusting to our new normal, but just remember all the things your body is capable of now that it wasn't during anorexia. That's crucial, especially if your goal is strength, so you can get back into sports :) A journal is a great idea, as well as talking with close friends or family, if you're up for it. You are strong, and you can do this <3

Eat a healthy breakfast every day

Jjournaling helps me. My nutritionist and dietitian helped me a lot.

Also reducing but Not totally Giving Up my exercise routine was very important for me. I benefit from the positive things associated w/ exercising after work.

Twas dehydrated but back to "normal" now for me.Always go by how your body feels and dont over doo it either.

Good luck in recovery and congrats on becoming healthier and out of "The Danger Zone" or caught up in a "Rip Tide."

Hope you gain enough weight to stay healthy for the cold season, and have tons of energy for the Spring and Summer too.


Hey frshappie and welcome to the forums! I can totally understand what you are going through. I know I have felt at times that I have went from one extreme to the other, but in all honestly it just feels that way because I was not used to normal eating.. Your body will adjust and you will learn to trust it over again. This is possible. My suggestion would be to look at the NEDA resources and find a dietitian in your area that can talk with you about food, your fears, and listening to those hunger cues.

Best of luck! KayLeigh


Hi Freshapple-
Welcome to the forums! I just wanted to let you know that I understand what you're going through as well and you are not alone. I struggled with orthorexia nervosa and restrictive eating for many years before swinging to the opposite side of the spectrum with binge eating. It's so difficult and such a vicious cycle. What has helped me in all of my recovery truly is recognizing that mustering up the will-power to stop behaviors and "just eat" or "get it together and stick to this meal plan" is never going to be sustainable and lasting; it's just chasing the symptoms. It's only until we get to the roots of what is underlying the disease. Journaling is a great idea and has been key for me in my recovery. May I ask what you have experienced in the past with therapy? Do you have support in family or close friends?
Hope to hear from you again soon, know that full recovery is possible. You're great. I will be thinking of you <3

Maybe you could get a

Maybe you could get a nutritionist who can help with a meal plan that has helped me I never really binged after anorexia but thought I did but my nutritionist told me it was a normal amount of food. It helps to have an idea what to eat and helps get your body to your set point weight wise I am not there right now but working on it. Also a therapist has been a huge help to me mine has saved my life literally and I also journal which is a great help for sure.