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finally heard

HI there, my parent's are having my sister move out. Today. She will stay with them until she finds a place of her own. Time limited. So thank you for all the support I have gotten.. iwanttolive

Great news!!!

That's really good to hear:-). I've been praying for you.

Lots of Hugs

Hi, sending you hugs.


That's such good news! I have been praying over your situation <3 Keep us posted on everything. Happy Thanksgiving!

congratulations on being able to express your needs

and FINALLY be respected as The Adult in Charge. I sensed that she needs a higher level of care.

I hope she is able to work w/ social services to be placed in at least some kind of supervised transitional mental health apartments.

Otherwise she may need to be paired up with home health aide. Weather she is nice to them or not is for the professional, paid to deal with her, and their choice to decide...

Good for you.