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So I just started my period, and found a medication that I haven't been able to find in 4 days, so I've been getting frustrated more easily and had more mood swings.
My feelings are all over the place. One minute I'm really sad, the next I'm super happy. It's been exhausting.
I'm sad about everything that was stolen from me. I'm really excited about the Christmas presents for my husband. I'm nervous about Thanksgiving and eating around my mom when she comes to visit, but we'll be going to Cracker Barrell, where there's food that I can actually eat without symptom use, and probably PF Chang's another night.
I hope I don't have flashbacks on Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving.


Hey Grace! I'm sorry about your mood swings! I started my period yesterday too, and I know I AM ALL OVER THE PLACE! My husband is like "I don't know how to deal with you." LOL. Just try to relax if you can and remember to breathe. It sounds like you've got some lovely plans for the holidays. Try not to think about what your mom is thinking because then you might have preconceptions about how the holiday is going to go. Staying in the moment is so important! Good luck my dear! KayLeigh