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Ed speaking about other things besides food

I've noticed ed-related thoughts in other areas of my life besides food. Lately it has been money. Even if I have something budgeted, I feel extremely guilty about it. For instance, if I buy something I don't absolutely need, but I logically know that I can afford it and that it is within my budget, I get nervous and guilty and feel the same way I have felt about food.
Has anyone else struggled with things like this? Do you have any advice for combatting these?

I know the feeling!

Hi Brooke!

I know exactly what you are going through, as I experienced the same thing. It's all about self-worth. Instead of not deserving food, now you feel you don't deserve to spend money on yourself. Fight that like you fight your eating disorder. When you buy something, no matter how small or inexpensive, don't let that voice tell you that you should feel guilty about it!

Eating disorders will do anything they can to hang on. Ed is losing his fight with you over food, so he's finding another outlet to stay in control. You are so much stronger than Ed!

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