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My Best Friend Died of Anorexia

I kissed the top of her head and walked toward the door.  I paused.  I knew this was it.  I turned around to look at her and try to memorize her image, an image I barely recognized due to her physical state.   “I’ll…
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It’s Not Going to be Easy, but It’s Going to be Worth It

It’s not that it’s going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it. You can do it. Keep your head up. Keep pushing. Don’t give up. You’re worth it. Those are just some of the positive affirmations I would write all over my papers from…
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Disordered Eating as a Precursor to Eating Disorders

It is important to have awareness of disordered eating behaviors (including dieting) because they can be precursors to eating disorders. Disordered eating may include (and is not limited to) a rigid food and exercise regime; feelings of guilt…
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More than picky eating—7 things to know about ARFID

Most parents can attest to the difficulty of getting kids to try new foods. Picky eating is nothing new, but what happens when it involves many foods, never goes away, or gets worse?  Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)…
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Binge Eating Disorder Recovery—It’s Not About Weight Loss

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Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is more common than most people realize. In a culture obsessed with appearance, internalizing feelings of shame about body size and shape are all too common. The stereotypes and weight stigma associated with BED have…
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Shattering 5 Common Eating Disorder Myths

This blog post was sponsored by Rogers Behavioral Health’s Eating Disorder Center.They are the most deadly of all psychiatric illnesses, affecting nearly 30 million Americans today. And they are highly misunderstood. Learn lifesaving insights…

National Minority Mental Health Month 2018

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National Minority Mental Health Month may be winding down, but the conversation about mental health in marginalized communities doesn’t — and shouldn’t — stop. National Minority Mental Health Month may be winding down, but the conversation…
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A Work-in-Progress: Living My Best #FitLife Post Eating Disorder

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If you ask my friends in NYC to describe me, you’ll be painted a picture of a boss lady taking on the city as a full-time professor, writer, and consultant, in addition to being a fitness influencer. They’ll also tell you I’m a people…

Eating Disorder Traits as Strengths in Recovery

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The focus in the eating disorders field is usually on diagnoses, symptoms, and related impairment. There has been little research, or even discussion, about negative traits that were present during the illness, which can be positive during and…

How the NEDA Screening Tool Woke Me Up

For so long, I existed in what I thought was a gray area. The entity I can now recognize as diet culture was guiding me for my whole life, or at least beginning from the moment I understood that hating my body was commonplace. As a child, I…