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Thank you to Alsana for sponsoring this blog post.

Thank you to Alsana for sponsoring this blog post. 

For some of us, when the first house on the block puts up their holiday lights, it’s a time for celebration – it’s a time to indulge in savory baked goods, flowing holiday cocktails, and a 24-hour long lineup of guilty pleasure Christmas movies. For others, it’s a time to aloofly remember just how imperfect their lives have become.

The holidays are a time when we can all begin to embrace loved ones and reflect on the year. Yet the person you should be embracing the most is yourself.

This is especially true for those who are battling with an eating disorder.

In addition to guilt and anxiety about eating, the holiday season can cause people who struggling with eating disorders to feel guilty about not loving themselves enough within the last year; to set unattainable goals for the next year; or to feel guilty about not taking care of their bodies enough during the previous year.

As we all know, the holidays can be rough. While they are often joyous occasions, they can also be filled with stress, anxiety, sadness, and the pressure to conform to society’s ideals. Many people feel a strain this time of year, and that can be especially true for those affected by eating disorders. To provide some relief, we’ve compiled a list of our holiday resources!

Pursuing & Maintaining Recovery

I didn’t choose to have an eating disorder, but rather an eating disorder decided to choose me. Years ago, my “innocent” diet crossed a line from disordered eating to a full-blown eating disorder. I didn’t realize that I had a biological predisposition to an eating disorder or that there was a psychological component. As a successful corporate career executive juggling infants/toddlers (with a traveling husband), while also caring for aging parents with significant health issues, my environment made for the perfect storm which led me down a road to anorexia.

This roundtable discussion series is a collaboration between NEDA and the Yoga and Body Image Coalition.  

NEDA and the Yoga and Body Image Coalition are excited to announce the fourth (and final) roundtable in our collaborative roundtable series, Growing & Thriving Together: A Roundtable Series on Diversity, Inclusivity & Accessibility in Yoga and Fitness Spaces. While the roundtables are open for anyone to view, this series is especially geared toward yoga and fitness instructors.    

Throughout the month of November, men are encouraged to “grow a mo” to raise funds and awareness for men’s health: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. With “Movember” (#NoShaveNovember) halfway through, we wanted to acknowledge the importance of this campaign and also shine the spotlight on Billie; a shaving subscription service designed for women.