National Eating Disorders Association

Comfort in Recovery: It’s About the Little Things

Lauren Myers

Our mental health is always with us. Even now, countless individuals around the world on any given day are asking the question: where do we find the information and comfort we need to “fight the battle of our lives” against anxiety, depression, eating disorders and any other mental health disorder? 

Like most people, there are times when my confidence wanes and I find myself disappointed in who I am and how my life is going. However, reminders of where I’ve been and where I want to go help me to keep in mind the importance of awareness, support, self-acceptance and recovery—all of which are important elements in the prevention and treatment of all eating disorders. 

All the times I feel like I’m not worth it, not good enough or losing the battle against my eating disorder, I look at my necklace with the NEDA logo as a sign of hope and inspiration to continue my fight for freedom. When my heart starts racing and never seems to slow down while my brain tells me I’m falling apart, I grab My Recovery Buddy*, Amika, to comfort me when I need it most. 

If I feel that I am the only person who has ever felt a certain way, my Kati Morton* t-shirt reminds me that we are working together toward a healthy mind and healthy body. Lastly, every single time I forget how truly strong, brave and courageous I am for making it through every single day, I read a letter from my mentor and role model who reminds me that I am a survivor. 

Recovery is an ongoing process, and I will continue to remain in recovery with every ounce of my being, because the alternative is too heavy a personal price to pay. I know that the pace of life is busy and there will be distractions. However, if I surround myself with my reminders, I can brighten my mood, change my frame of mind and feel more self-assured.  

*More information about my reminders

My Recovery Buddy is a team of people who hand-craft huggable, lovable buddies who are sent to their new forever friend to remind them that they don’t have to be alone through the rough patches they are going through—whether it’s battling addictions, disorders, trauma or medical or mental illness—and in their recovery.

Kati Morton is a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in Santa Monica, California. She is an entrepreneur and YouTube creator who has built a global mental health online community across a variety of platforms.

Lauren is a student at Simpson College majoring in philosophy and minoring in women's studies and exercise science. On campus, Lauren is involved TriDelta, SELF - a body positivity and activism group, SARA - Sexual Assault Response Advocates, and volunteering.