Stories Of Hope

The path to recovery is different for everyone, and each person’s experience with an eating disorder is uniquely impacted by their many identities, including race or ethnicity, age, ability, religion, gender, and sexuality. We invite you to read these diverse Stories of Hope to gain inspiration and insights from those who have been through the difficult journey to recovery. The many stories here remind us that full recovery is possible, and there is help and support available to those struggling with an eating disorder.


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Stories of Hope

Featured Stories of Hope

In and Out of BED
Author :Michelle Wilson

I was 39, had a great job that paid well, was highly educated, had family and friends who loved me but I was slowly dying inside.  The day was August 7, 2012 and it was a Tuesday when my mom showed up at my apartment, an hour and a half's drive from her house, to perform an intervention. &nb
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Killing Me Softly
Author :Jasmina

I was 11 when I first got anorexia. I was practicly a child, but all those pictures of models and beautiful girls in magazines made me so depressed. I just wanted to be pretty. I had some really bad girls in my class when i was younger and they often laughed at me. And I... I am very emotional and I
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Never on Thin Ice Again
Author :Alix Meyer

From 5 to 17 years old, I spent the majority of my time pushing my body to its limits for competitive figure skating. I spent countless hours on the ice in addition to time spent with off-ice training, meetings with coaches, and even re-watching skating competitions in order to learn from my mistake
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Stories Of Hope

Devin Raines
April Ballard Warren
Odeta Kasa
Queenie Fitzer
Leah Jablon
Tabby Guillaume
Jordan White
Courtney DelPo
Christine Roche
Arden Whitehurst
Tessa Finkelstein
Lizzie Elsberg
Kelly Maze
Adrienne Stazzone
Kaitlyn Maiani
Alyson Hoy
Ali Jo Forester
Rebecca Plaza
Larissa Goldberg
Fallon Kane
Alexandra Koszeghy
Isriah Landmesser
Mary Rowen
Eric Ceballos
Stacy Pershall
Emily Zahn
Stephanie Paterson
Dr. Amba Balu
Dani Michelle
Kelly Joyce
Maria E. from Beirut, Lebanon
Natalee Davis
Melena Steffes
Laurie Glass
Hannah Cooper
Julia Gordy
Kate Bruno RD
Jack Harper
Justin Shamoun
Angela Barnett
Laura Duckworth
Barb Lano
Patrick McCaslin
Tina McGuff
Jessica Coscarelli
Rikke Thygesen
Zachary Ihli
Martha M. Muchlinski
Bohdan Harik
Kristy Butler
Brianna Haney
Carly Bitz
Nikki DuBose
Lindsey Avon
Isabel Orozco
Mandi Degner
Maria Keane
Bonnie Phillips
Lisa Guo
Annie Stewart
Camille Emily Robb
Liana Rosenman
Ericka Christina
Lauren Moss
Dr. Theresa Hornick
Anne Sophie Reinhardt
Shirley Wang
Meghan (“Meggie”) A. Feran
Debbi S.
Alyee Willets
Ava & Loretta Minett
Esteban Guijarro
Jane Hersey
Esteban Guijarro
Shanel Daudy
Alicia Cunningham
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Alyssa Burns
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Corazón Tierra
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