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Daniela Ortiz

In today’s world, we find ourselves bombarded with information about how we should care for our bodies. We constantly see the latest exercises, different types of meal plans, food options, workout routines, etc. and sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

For this reason, I think it is important to share that it is not about following trends or being absorbed by people’s opinions; rather, we must develop our own voice and determine what works for us. I decided I no longer wanted to follow others or read what worked for others; Instead, I decided to start listening to my body, what it liked, what it didn’t like, what made it feel good, and what made it feel not so good. I decided to change my days, but without realizing it this change has become a lifestyle. My lifestyle now is based on two simple words: self-love.

This new lifestyle is about listening to my body, nourishing it, moving at my own pace and finding new ways to challenge my body and mind. Instead of letting anxiety and society determine how I should be or eat, I let my emotions flow and give my body permission to tell me what it needs for the day. Maybe on some days, I need to enjoy some of my favorite ice cream, and maybe on other days I need to move my body. I no longer silence my inner voice; I listen to her and let her choose what is best for me and not for others.

This has been a challenge that has tested me daily because it involves immersing myself to face my own limitations and tear down the walls that prevent me from making real and satisfactory changes. It goes beyond getting abs and a more toned butt. This is a lifestyle change that challenges me to let go of my old beliefs and find new ways to deal with my fears while continuing to build a new path. Not only am I working on myself to stay physically healthy, but I am also working on developing a better relationship with myself that allows me to choose new ways of thinking, relating to others, and of course, choosing foods that nourish me and keep me satisfied. .

Sometimes we make decisions without knowing the consequences they may have on our body and mind. As we get to know ourselves, we begin to identify how we can begin to take better care of our body and mind. We begin to identify the type of thoughts we need to add to our days or the habits we need to eliminate. We begin to be more aware of the foods our body tolerates and the type of routines that help us achieve effective results. We begin to explore different strategies that help us increase our motivation and strengthen our mindset.

Motivation always comes from within, and choosing activities and routines that are flexible and realistic is also part of the process. Part of this new lifestyle is being able to challenge myself every day physically, mentally and emotionally by stepping out of my comfort zone and breaking down my old ways of approaching life. Can I achieve it every day? NO! But I don’t beat myself up anymore, because I’ve learned to be patient with myself and understand that it’s okay to have a horrible day, as long as I learn from it and make the next day great.

I have learned that through my eating disorder I related to life. I learned that my eating habits reflect my emotional state. I started looking at the types of foods I ate when I was sad, angry, happy, anxious, etc., and realized the options always varied. Part of this process is being well and comfortable with what you encounter along the way, because the only way to achieve lasting and satisfying changes is through self-acceptance. There is nothing more effective than self-love. That is the beginning of any lifestyle change. Be willing to love yourself and the rest will start to fall into place, maybe not in a day, but each individual step makes a difference.

Sometimes we have to put our little ego up and nourish our soul a little more. Sometimes we just need to listen to our inner voice and follow it. It’s not about the image we physically build, but about the internal changes we are making and how they begin to reflect effortlessly.

The perfect body does not exist, and little by little I have understood that the number on a scale or the size of my jeans will never measure my self-esteem. It will never be about the hours trained in the gym or the number of repetitions. I discovered that listening to my inner voice is what helps me determine what my body needs.

I have realized that the only smoothie I need in my life is called self-love, because it has helped me increase the size of my smile, reduce my insecurities, and increase my sense of gratitude.

My story with my eating disorder began in high school and although time has passed, there are things that sometimes appear and persist, and that is okay, because it is not about how quickly you can recover, but about how much you are willing to forgive yourself and love yourself. along the process. When it comes to healing there are never off days, and sometimes the past comes knocking on your door again. It’s all about the will to overcome the challenge of breaking free and flying in a new direction.

Self-love is an everyday decision and it all starts with a thought, and that is why I choose to be me and I choose to live.

Daniela is a 25-year-old mental health student in training. Currently, she is developing a motivational and supportive space through Instagram to encourage women to fuel their bodies and minds by becoming self-aware and finding strength in the shadows of life. She is passionate about writing and shares her words through her blog in Spanish and English: @eljardinenmi

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