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Hi to all who post here and have been supporting me and to everyone. As some of you know I crashed my second car is a seven or eighth month time period. And battling with seriously low blood pressure which the doctors can't figure out why. I called out of work for a week but I am on social security for the working disabled which enables me to get my Medicaid. MY medical doctor won't clear me for work because of my blood pressure and I have only five more weeks on this type of Medicaid and it is stressing me out.

My parents sat down with my sister and myself and I was a little irritated that he lumped me together with my sister and said I was being passive aggressive with her. I sat with it for a night but I mentioned it to my mom and she agreed that I was not passive aggressive. An example of passive aggressiveness is an answer to my question to my sister about the temperature in the house and why she kept putting it below what out father wanted it was : I have my reasons: Or I'll give you some, but won't tell me when even when I told her I would get it from her car, or no answer at all. So I talked to my dad after texting him and he apologized and said he was wrong, I was not passive aggressive after saying it ten times in front of my sister. Bringing up the old days when I was punished along with one of my sisters because they didn't want her to beat me up anymore so they punished us both. It wasn't until I was an adult that I was told why. My dad was upset that I brought up the into .

The thing I wanted to say thank you to all of you is that during this dark time, not being able to drive, being released from my dietician, crashing my car for the second time, not being allowed to go to work, having a million doctor appointments, and my sister, knowing that there are times that I want to self harm, I think of my commitment and my accountability here on this site and my commitment to recovery and to God first and foremost, is really helping me tremendously from engaging in using behaviors. You all have helped me so much in "staying clean" and I wanted you to know that and how helpful you all have been to me. SO THANK YOU iwanttolive

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Thank *you*, iwanttolive! Your support and presence on these forums is unmatched. I know I speak for more than just myself. We appreciate your words of wisdom so much. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story with us. You inspire me to always choose my recovery.


Thank you so much for your response to my post. I asked God to use me and to use my eating disorder not to have been for nothing. Next year at the NEDA walk a thon I would like to be able to speak but I know they want someone with more recovery under them but I will be volunteering. I really feel that God just works through my fingers as I type. I am happy that you have been blessed and my testimony is helping you with your journey. Take care.