NEDA Responds to Your Most Common #NEDACon Questions!

nedacon faqs

NEDA’s first Regional Conference will take place Saturday, May 12 at Drexel University. #NEDACon is designed to bring together individuals and loved ones who are experiencing eating disorders or wanting to learn more about eating and body image issues.

Below, we’ve answered some common questions you may have about our conference:

Q: Who is this conference for?

A: This conference is for individuals and loved ones affected by an eating disorder – and anyone else who may want to learn more about how to support individuals with an eating disorder.

Q: What is the conference about?

A: The conference will focus on information about what treatment and support options are available, how to know what treatment is right for you and your loved ones as well as information after treatment. We will also be sharing personal stories from individuals with a variety of backgrounds whose experiences are both unique to them and involve experiences that may resonate with others. We have incorporated perspectives to be relatable to a variety of backgrounds, with representation from marginalized communities in the eating disorder treatment universe.

Q: Where is the conference? How do I get there?

A: This year’s conference is taking place on May 12, 2018 at Drexel University in Behrakis Hall. Drexel University is a short walk from the Philadelphia Amtrak Station and accessible from Philadelphia public transportation.

Q: Who’s coming?

A: Other individuals and loved ones who are looking for the opportunity to connect with you! You’ll get to meet professionals and individuals sharing their stories and experiences related to eating disorders and body image and have the opportunity to share your thoughts as well!

Q: What have others said about this conference?

A: NEDA Conferences offer a sense of community.

Joanna Kay said, “No matter how fiercely your friends and family love you, it can be challenging to explain what’s going through your head when you’re locked in battle against the eating disorder. At the NEDA conference, those feelings of loneliness and “other-ness” evaporated… I found myself among people who struggled with the same things I did. People who felt my feelings and spoke my language.”

Q: Where do I stay?

A: If you wish to stay in Philadelphia overnight there are several hotels in the area both within walking distance from Drexel and Amtrak, shuttle to the airport, accessible from public transportation, or by cab/car service. Another option could be AirBnB. We have not reserved a hotel block in order to encourage individuals to feel comfortable booking at whatever location is most accessible to their plans.

Philadelphia is also around two hours away from most Tri-state locations, and the greater DC metro area. We anticipate people will drive in for this event. Drexel has parking available on campus that is free with your registration.

Q: What else is included in registration?

A: With your conference registration you have access to a full day of speakers and panels, meals, as well as the opportunity to connect with others in the region who are part of the eating disorder community. Mealtimes will offer casual and formal opportunities to connect with other conference attendees, conference committee members, presenters and NEDA staff.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Contact [email protected] to be connected with the appropriate staff member to answer all of your conference related questions!